Happy children make happy families. I'm here to help.


If your child is struggling at home, school or with friends , it can be challenging to find the root of the problem. Children tend to "tell" us about their struggles through misbehavior, irritability or moodiness. 

I am here to help you. My job is to assist you to disentangle the problem, gain clarity and find effective solutions. 


About Me

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My Practice

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Should you seek counseling for your child?

  • Does your child seem non-resilient, anxious or excessively worried?
  • Are you and your child experiencing power struggles and arguments? 
  • Does your child seem reluctant to go to school? Is misbehaving at school or underachieving academically?
  • Does your child hurt himself? Does she isolate herself? Does she have anger outbursts or tantrums?
  • Does your child have trouble adjusting to a recent divorce, move, illness or death in the family?  

These challenges are more and more common in today's hurried and stressful way of life. They may affect relationships in the family, between spouses and among siblings. When one child suffers, the whole family system is impacted. You may be feeling  overwhelmed, disheartened or hopeless.

We will work together in a safe and supportive place to get to the root cause of the challenges. I will teach you and your child healthy, research based, coping skills to reduce the stress that you and your child are experiencing. Our end goal is to help you and your child find a feeling of empowerment and calm to confidently navigate the journey from childhood to adolescence and beyond.  So you get to a Happy Child and a Happy Family. 

Contact me, I will be happy to assist you!