About Malka Maizel, PhD MA LMHC 


I live in the Northwest with my husband and two children. I earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of Washington and worked as a research academic. After my children reached independence I felt a “calling” to become a psychologist – to help people cope with the periods of pain, frustration and disappointments that we all experience throughout life. I always loved and connected well with children (I was also a Sunday school teacher for many years). I became aware more and more of how children struggle to do the best they can to be happy, the “masks” they wear to hide their pain, anxiety or shame and their unique ways of “telling” us, adults, about their suffering. I also witnessed the heroic efforts parents make to get their children on the path to flourishing and health, how little support exists for them and how little compassion they extend to themselves -- I decided to make children’s mental health and parent- support my specialty. I am passionate about guiding children and families to happiness.

I returned to school to obtain a Masters in Psychology from Seattle University. For thirteen years I served as a Child and Family Therapist at Catholic Community Services, obtaining my Mental Health Professional and Child Mental Health Specialist certifications.  

At this community mental health organization I worked with high-risk families facing emotional and economical challenges. I loved helping  “my” families discover their strengths and beauty and use them to improve family functioning, communication and bonding. I assisted parents in learning how to become the best advocate they can be for their children. I often worked in children’s homes, schools and throughout the community. I have extensive experience working with school counselors to develop and monitor progress on Individualized Educational Plans to help students with ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities.

For almost fifteen years I have also taught parenting education classes ranging from 8-18 weeks, depending on the need or risk level of the population.

In my counseling I use my heart and my mind to assist you in finding out what is holding your child and family from achieving the quality of life and happiness you are seeking. With warmth, compassion and honest feedback I work with you and your child to build on your strengths to achieve the goals you are committed to attaining.