Treatment Types

My psychological interventions and modalities of treatment are firmly based on research and knowledge developed over the last 40 years and include:


Attachment-based play or “talk” therapy

For Children: 

This is a longer-term approach that focuses on helping children and youth who have experienced trauma, loss or grief. Through developing a strong relationship with the therapist, I help your child build a sense of safety and security in the world. By working through difficult emotions while playing (or talking for youth) children come to view themselves as lovable, capable and empowered. I will also support you as a parent in better understanding and responding to your child's emotional needs and developmental tasks.  

For Families: 

This is an approach that invites all family members to work together to diffuse conflict and strengthen bonds. Through building a greater sense of security, connection, being heard and felt between family members, communication improves and new creative solutions to old problems can emerge. So the goal of family therapy is to notice and recognize the ineffective coping strategies different family members are using to get their needs met and changing it into more effective and healthy ones.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is a short-term approach to helping children and youth develop practical skills to cope with a variety of difficulties such as anxiety, depression and anger. This therapy will offer you and your child a better understanding of what triggers unhealthy behavior and the consequences of the choices made. Your child will learn new ways to think about stressful and distressing situations and practice concrete skills to manage it better.


Parenting education and coaching

Through discussion of the pros and cons of different parenting styles and techniques, I help parents understand and choose discipline methods that are effective, consistent and at the same time enhancing to their child’s growth and self esteem. Parents are encouraged to bring into this discussion their cultural and spiritual values regarding parenting. At the end of this process, and after some trials and errors, parents develop a discipline tool kit that feels authentic and effective. I am trained and experienced in the following evidence based parent education programs: Positive Discipline, Incredible Years and Mindful Parenting. I have been leading parenting groups for several years now in both community mental health setting and privately.